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6AA 619 Lumen Industrial Torch

6AA 619 Lumen Industrial Torch

6AA 619 Lumen Industrial Torch


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6AA 619 Lumen Industrial Torch

The new Industrial XLM (Extreme Lumens) torch produces 619 lumens of light from a single LED chip. The Cree XM-L LED module allows Dorcy to drive the chip with 6 alkaline batteries to produce an intense beam of light.
With beam distances of over 300 meters (1100 feet), the D2610 utilises our TrueSpot® Optimised Reflector System. The aluminium construction, side mounted push button switch, and convenient lanyard make this light a must have. Powered by 6 AA batteries, the D2610 has over 5 hours of run time and gives you plenty of light. A dimmer setting increases the run time to over 25 hours. The D2610 has been tested to the new ANSI flashlight standards.