Buyers Questions

  1. 1.What is Industrial Clearance?

    Industrial Clearance is a marketplace that allows businesses or individuals to buy or sell industrial products at clearance prices. Industrial Clearance was designed to assist Australian companies to clear overstocked or obsolete product that maybe taking up precious warehouse space and costing money and offering buyers the lowest prices on the industries best brands.

  2. 2.How do I set up a Buyers account?

    To set up a buyers account please go to the following link Register

  3. 3.Does Industrial Clearance stock any of the products listed?

    No, Industrial Clearance does not stock any of the products listed on the website. All stock is held with the seller at their location. You can view the product location under the product listing, please note that the seller may have more then one location across Australia.

  4. 4.What is Industrial Clearance’s Returns & Warranty Policy?

    Industrial Clearance does not own,stock or sell the products listed on the website meaning the returns & warranty policy is between you and the seller. The Sellers return & warranty policy is located under each product listing. You can fill out and submit the Returns Form.

  5. 5.Can I contact the seller direct?

    Yes, you can contact seller directly via the products page by selecting the Contact Seller tab.

  6. 6.Does the prices include GST?

    Yes, all products listed on Industrial Clearance are inclusive of GST where applicable.

Sellers Questions

  1. 1.How do I set up a Sellers account?

    To set up a sellers account please go to the following link Sellers Account and follow the prompts. Once at the vendor dashboard please ensure to select the “Apply to be a Vendor” button before logging out. You can download the Sellers How To Use Guide.


  2. 2.Does Industrial Clearance buy our stock?

    No, Industrial Clearance does not buy stock from the sellers. We are not an auction house and no valuer’s are involved. The benefit in using Industrial Clearance’s platform is you have full control of your pricing and we eliminate the hassle of negotiating rock bottom prices that normally leaves you with no room to move. However Industrial Clearance does strongly recommend sellers to price their products at genuine clearance prices to give you the best opportunity to clear stock.

  3. 3.How do we price our products?

    There is no standard pricing structure, but as the name says “Industrial Clearance” you need to ensure your pricing is at clearance prices. Industrial Clearance does recommend you take the two following points into consideration when costing.

    • Industrial Clearance’s commission (refer to question 5)
    • Paypal & Stripe Fee’s

    Sometimes you are better of at selling at cost or lower to move your stock. The money is better in your bank account and not sitting in your warehouse.

  4. 4.Do Sellers pay per listing?

    No, sellers do not pay per listing. You only pay a small fee on what you sell, please refer to question 5 for Industrial Clearance fees. You can list as many products as you want.

  5. 5.What costs are involved as a seller?

    Industrial Clearance has a very low fee structure in place & there is a small registration fee charged yearly (*as part of the introductory offer the registration fee is currently being waived). The applicable percentage (%) will be applied per transaction or the total sales per month.

    Registration Fee (yearly) $100.00
    Fee Structure:
    $0.00 to $999.00 12.5%
    $1000.00 to $4999.00 10.0%
    $5000.00 + 7.5%
  6. 6.How and when are the sellers paid?

    Sellers have 2 options to be paid Per transaction or End of Month. Payment will then be transferred into a sellers nominated Paypal, Stripe or Bank account.

    OPTION 1 OPTION 2 (Recommended)
    Paid per transaction Paid at the end of each month
    The applicable percentage (%) will
    be applied per transaction
    The applicable percentage (%) will
    be applied to your total sales for the month
    * Money straight in your account * The more you sell the lower commission
    will be applied, meaning the less you pay in fees


    Option 1 Example

    Total sales per transaction: $500.00
    Commission Structure @12.5%: $ 62.50
    Total amount to transfer: $437.50

    Option 2 Example

    Total sales for the month: $6500.00
    Commission Structure @ 7.5%: $ 487.50
    Total amount to transfer: $6012.50
  7. 7.How does freight & delivery work?

    Freight & delivery is the responsibility of the seller. The seller has full control of the freight cost. You can specify the applicable freight charge be it a “flat rate”, “specific amount” or “pick up only” at the point of loading your product.
    Industrial Clearance recommends sellers to take into consideration being able to deliver nationally, as this will allow you to reach a larger market and gives you more opportunities to clear your stock.
    Industrial Clearance recommends to charge the applicable freight and best recover actual cost per item and not to make money on freight.

  8. 8.What type of products can we load?

    Anything from automotive, construction and DIY supplies, machinery and workshop tools, electrical,
    plumbing, pumps, tools, saws, electrical and appliances!

    If you’re unsure whether your products are right for industrial clearance please contact us at or call 1300 030 360.

  9. 9.What warranty do sellers have to provide?

    As a seller you must specify any warranty offers if applicable outside the compulsory Consumer Guarantees set by the Australian Consumer Law. Please refer to our terms and conditions. As this is a clearance platform please ensure you specify if warranty is applicable.

    Consumer GuaranteesOur goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

    Warranty – a warranty is a voluntary promise offered by the person or business who sold the product or service to you. Once you buy the product or service, the promise becomes a right that can be enforced under the ACL.

    Warranty against defects (also known as manufacturer’s warranty)

    A warranty against defects is a representation communicated to a consumer that if the goods or services (or part of them) are defective, the business will:

    • repair or replace goods (or part of them)
    • resupply or fix a problem with services (or part of them)
    • provide compensation to the consumer.

    A representation will only be a warranty against defects if it is made at or around the time that goods or services are supplied.

    A promise about what you as a supplier or manufacturer will do if something goes wrong with a good or service can be a warranty against defects under the ACL even if it is not provided in a formal document.

    Any material with writing on it could evidence a warranty against defects, for example wording on the packaging or on a label, if those words contain such a promise.

  10. 10.Can we sell in single or bulk quantities?

    Industrial Clearance were possible recommends to offer both options as this will allow you to reach a larger market. When selling in single or small quantities, your price will need to reflect this compared to bulk quantities.

  11. 11.Does the sell price have to include GST?

    Yes, your sell price must be inclusive of GST. This makes the process easier for the buyer.