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Output Size
35W 18cm

We are clearing out some old stock of emergency signal torches.

The Emergency Signal Torch is an essential tool that all motorists should have at their disposal for emergency situations. The Emergency Signal Torch is a compact and reliable unit that can be stowed away in a vehicles glove compartment for easy access at a moments notice. The torch features a high tensile strength bulb, designed to break glass, a flashing red emergency signal light and for added safety the torch comes with a safety cutter, designed to cut through seat belts in the event of an emergency.

  • Compact sturdy design
  • High strength magnets allow torch to magnetise to
  • metal objects such as car roofs
  • Safety seatbelt cutter
  • Window hammer for emergency exit
  • Red LED safety lights for emergency lighting and display

Price is per unit, but bulk quantities will be considered. Please contact us on the below contact form